Makrohang was formed by Gergely Nagy (guitar) and Marcell Gyányi (bass) in Nyíregyháza, 2013. Later as they started their studies at the jazz program of Liszt Ferenc Academy in Budapest they met Tamás Czirják, who also joined the team on drums.

The band plays instrumental music which is not easy to define. They are making a fusion of genres, mashing up metal music with jazz elements, using just a drumset and two guitars with scratching riffs, and whooshing effects.

They described themselves the following way: „This young Hungarian trio makes us understand the difference between just hearing music and listening to music. How makrohang redefines the classic power trio format is through their unconventional influences, youthful vigor, and musical experimentation: their music ranges from hard rock to post-bop, from jazz to hip hop, from noise to minimal, and all over the board — often within a single song.” So these jazz grads can enjoy their pervert selfs by being a part of this hybrid-genred band.


They prepared their first demo in 2013, called ’monokini terror’, then they made a session on Tilos Radio, an EP titled ’MAXREBO’ in 2014. In that year they also won Talentometer which is a talent show hosted by the famous A38 Ship. Now they are writing their brand new album, which may come very soon. In their Instagram post guys admitted they are working really hard on it…

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As they are becoming a more and more popular band in Hungary they got invitation to perform at Wavves Festival Bratislava which is a club- and showcase festival in Slovakia in unique off-locations, and the public space with many other hungarian bands like Ivan and the Parazol, Zanzinger or Dope Calypso.

Wavves offers a wide genre diversity and rich selection of export-ready musicians. With almost 500 artist applications this year, it is obvious that the profile and reputation of the festival is growing significantly with each edition. Majority of the festival program will take place on Friday and Saturday in 12 clubs and venues located in the heart of the Slovakian capital.

As far as the nationalities and artists’ background, it is no surprise that the festival gives a great deal of opportunity to Visegrad group (countries bordering with Slovakia, namely Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary). In addition, this year has a special focus on Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Their music scene will be presented at live gigs as well as the conference with speakers and delegates coming from all over the world.

„Jazz for metalheads”, this is the best expression for their sound. One thing is for sure in makrohang there will be no singing, so if you like experimental jazz music, with kind of noisy postrock, floating vibes or fizzing energy give them a chance and check them out at Wavves this weekend.

Photos: Komróczki Dia

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