„My home country is not ready to listen my tunes” – Interview with Vedat Akdağ
október 31, 2018

Vedat Akdağ has become a well known member of the Budapest nightlife, the city fell in love with the eastern tribal vibes that the turkish DJ provided us in the past years.

We asked him about his experiences, his inspiration and about many more – just in time for his set tonight at TOLDI at our halloween party.

Kattints ide a cikk magyar verziójáért.

Who or what were your first inspirations, and what were your passions when you started DJing? Do you still draw inspiration from those influences when you play now?

My father and Turkish 70’s music! All my inspiration comes from Turkish 70’s psychedelic rock , folk , rock & roll music. Also my father had quite good collection. And yes I still listen and dig Turkish 70’s music.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to selecting and DJ?

I want to tell a story to dancefloor and I want to make people horny! <3

What made you first come to Hungary?

I was playing music and studying at Eskişehir. It was hard to play music in Turkey sceene. People loves deep house music in Turkey and I didnt feel crowd so much. I play deep music but ıts not deep house! And I decide to make and play music somewhere ın Europe. I didnt have so much choice and I just came to Budapest.

How was your introduction to the Hungarian scene? How do you view it now, compared to when you first arrived?

I come from Techno music, all 90’s Detroit shits! When I start to DJing and selecting ı was crazy about techno. And people likes techno in Hungary, then my first gig was in Müszi, I remember ıt was crazy! After I start to play again there. But at the same time I was making edits and producing some tracks, while this moment I felt I start to find my own way in a electronic music scene, its more tribal-dark disco. And people loves my music here now!

And compared to your home country?

My home country is not ready to listen my tunes.

What do you have coming up that you’re excited about? Can you tell us about some of the party series you’re involved in, and what’s your involvement?

I m always excited about my parties. Alcazar is a colorful small party. I feel I’m in my living room. I’m making Alcazar with Aron (Aron Ya) and inviting DJ’s. Disco Oriente is very nice party and has nice crew. Since more than 1 year I’m playing at Disco Oriente and always enjoyed a lot. Dürüm Du Fromage is when I play with my flatmate Dan (Incotoyable) we call ourself Dürüm du Fromage and we play mostly vinyl and a bit of everything like what we listen at our living room. In festivals we play Serbian, Turkish, dark-new wave or synth pop or Israeli killers and for sure club killers!

What are five records that you consider to be essentials? What’s are some of your recent acquisitions?

  • Barış Manço, Kurtalan Ekspres ‎– Sözüm Meclisten Dışarı (1981)
  • İstanbul Şarkıcıları, İstanbul Çalgıcıları ‎– Ayva Çiçek Açmış (1980)
  • Erkin Koray ‎– Mesafeler / Silinmeyen Hatıralar / 7” (1973)
  • Zodiac – Disco Alliance (1980)
  • Osamu Kitajima ‎– Benzaiten (1976)

These five is always so special for me, probably listen everyday as well!
המסך הלבן ‎– The White Screen, these guys from Israel and making such a cool music, please check their tunes. Also Red Axes had a remix of them.” MAVET LA TECHNO” Also check the “Gökçen Kaynatan”s album, experimental, electronic from Turkey / 1960s-70s

Favourite venue to play at (in the world, local, places you’ve played or hope to play)? Do you prefer festival or club sets?

Opium Club at Vilnius is my favourite club, I didn’t play yet hope I will make some tunes there. I prefer to play clubs. Its a bit strange but I don’t know why ı feel better when I play clubs.

What are some challenges you’ve overcome in the past that have been significant in shaping who you are today? What are some of your current challenges as a DJ? How do you stay interested and keep learning and growing?

I want to see some personalities when I see artists. If don’t ıt’s already boring for me. Also

I’m tough person about selecting music.

I produce and go to record stores to dig deeper. Still ı’m learning and finding such interesting stuff but ı have to travel cause ıf ı really want to find something I have to go that country, for example I want to find some folk runes from Morocco and I couldn’t find good stuff, but my friends was there and he came with lots of records even some of them was unknown!

Do you believe parties and raves still have an impact or play some sort of role in our greater society? Do you see a wider purpose to these gatherings other than entertainment? Also especially in Budapest?

Yes but I’m not sure about Budapest. Here is so small and party culture is growing but ıt’s not a cool way, I did not see good sound system here maybe couple of times but thats it. There has to be vinyl culture also, but ıt’s not and I want to change something at party life. Because ıt’s not about entertainment! Its about yourself.

Do you see a difference in parties taking place in countries with a lot of freedom of expression compared to countries that are more conservative and restrictive? If so, what are some of these differences?

People are smiling and dancing more. And they care about your safety more. In Brussels, I been one crazy party, they were giving safety equipments, like condoms, water, earplugs etc. to the people. It was so cool to see this in the parties!

Photos: Szabó R. János
Thanks to Zaina Shreidi for helping this article.