These Are The Best Hungarian Music Videos From The Past 10 Years
szeptember 19, 2015

The first Hungarian Music Video Festival in 2015 took place at Toldi Mozi, a cinema by day, a club by night. It was founded and organized mostly by the place’s crew and musical professionals. The slogan was ‘As Such Never Have Been Yet’ and it was novel indeed to watch the best Hungarian music videos of the past 10 years not on YouTube, but on big screen for the first time.

The two-day event started with screening all the 165 shortlisted videos out of the 900 candidates. The judges were mulling over the finalist until dawn, and next day they replayed the best videos, sorted by their categories. The award ceremony started at half past 11pm, and after that there was an afterparty with hundreds of people.

Check out all the winners below! These are the best hungarian music videos in 2015 according to the festival’s jury of many local journalists from the biggest news portals and motion picture artists.

Best Camera Work: Volkova Sisters – Das Mädel und Die Dunkelheit / Marcell Rév

Best Concept: AKPH – Vagy mindegy / Marcell Rév, Bálint Szimler

Best Video Before 2010: NEO – Ranbo 13 / Balázs Pál

Best Animation: WellHello – Apuveddmeg / Balázs Bogdán

Best Trash: Psycho Mutants – Everybody’s Young God / Géza Szöllősi, Krisztián Zana, Ákos Bánki

Best Directing: Rumex – Summer Syndrome

Best Music: Majka, Curtis, BLR – Belehalok

Best Styling: yvein monq – TWUN

Best No Budget : Bermuda – Monte Carlo / Loren László

Best Editing: Middlemist Red – Multicoloured Drive / Zsófia Érdi

Best Visuals: The Qualitons – Life Awaits / Viktor Horváth, Kanada Káosz

Best Video: Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – Részeg / Viktor Horváth

Jury’s special award: Belau feat. Dóri Hegyi – Island Of Promise 

All the bands participating in the festival were really authentic, from the biggest mainstream pop, hip-hop artists till new hip alternative musical acts. I am really happy for The Qualitons, Middlemist Red and NEO, and also Volkova Sisters, but their category (Best Camera Work) was a bit inaccurate since it’s a one take video with a fixed camera.

Since the Hungarian Film Festival – the biggest of it’s kind – discontinued, Budapest was lacking such buzzing events. Luckily next year’s Music Video Festival has already been announced, hopefully with some new categories, make sure to follow their Facebook page here.

Photo: @liboranita