We discovered Kaktus during our first talent competition last year and most of us were amazed by the psychedelic electro pop-rock trio from Pécs and Kaposvár. After their first EP, Second Stone From The Sun, they were voted into the best 18 of the biggest hungarian news portal’s song contest, and they already held two shows at the best concert venue of Budapest, A38 Ship.

Catch their free album release gig with two supporting acts, Makrohang and Isle Of Man at the reopening Kuplung bar in Budapest next friday, where they gonna play new songs of their latest EP, Yamina, that you can stream below.

We also recorded a short video (english captions available) during their stuido session, while they recorded the first song of the EP, ‘Kimono’ with the lead singer of a Hungarian harp-pop band Passed.

The 7 track record is on the edge of an LP, but it’s still considered as an EP by the band because the songs are not really conceptual but very eclectic. There’s an interesting connection in the last song ‘Love’, as they sampled an old Vasmalom song, sang by Éva Molnár, mother of Kaktus’ programmer, Olivér and also grandmother of the guitarist, Bence.

The title was influenced by Jamina, a district of a Hungarian town, Békéscsaba. The band worked together with three people during the recording proccess, Attila Sándor Lőrinc was the technical producer, Bálint Berec played on trombone, and as mentioned, singer of Passed, Dóri Nizalowski featured on the first song. With the new record they’ve got a serious repertoire, and after more and more gigs, we hope they become an interesting piece of the alternative scene of Budapest.

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